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An Inspiring Woman and Man of Distinction Book Franchise in your city is a Rewarding and Exciting opportunity for you to own your own business and be your own boss.

You will develop relationships with the most Successful, Influential and Inspiring Women and Men in your community. You will be the Publisher of the Books and Magazines that everyone will  want to see.
Knowing your city and its high profile people as well as successful business owners is most important.
IWB Productions is a credible, respected Brand featuring top clients in every city and we are dedicated and focused on your success.

Our Training Program will teach you how to build your business and attract the right clients for your publication.

Our support is ongoing.  IWB Productions will always be available to answer and assist with any questions to help you grow your business.
We want you to enjoy your business and have fun being successful as an IWB Franchisee.

Contact us today about Your Opportunity to shine a light on the Inspiring Women and Men in Your city.

Phil Yamin
Director of Franchising
(210) 884-4400

Virginia Yamin
Director of Sales
(210) 683-3711

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